Sarah Cole test (Professional Experience day 17 & 18)

Day one:

On the 18th of April I had arranged a shoot with model Sarah Cole. Sarah had contacted me through Model Mayhem, she had a really distinctive look and as I admired the look of her previous work I happily agreed to do a test with her.

We met at the Ellen Terry building at 10:00. I came to University a little earlier to get all of the equipment ready and get the keys for the studio. Diane (MUA) started applying make-up and I had a look through Sarah’s pieces. Her clothes were very girly and had a vintage feel to them, I knew I wanted to try a few headshots/beauty shots as I had never really focused on beauty before, and my photoshop skills have improved a great deal, so this was a chance for me to step out of my comfort zone and experiment more in the studio.

The equipment I booked out for the shoot: Canon 5dmk2, 500 bowens, snoot, light meter, reflector.

Diane also wanted to try out some new looks, so this was a chance for us both to try out something a little different and not have to work around a set brief. The first hair and make-up style was ready at 11:o0.

I wanted to try to direct the light from behind the model to give a glowing effect around the subject’s head. I had a play around for about 15 minutes, but it just didn’t seem to work out. I gave up in the end, I had researched it prior to the shoot, but perhaps it only worked with models with lighter hair?

We experimented with a number of looks and everyone had equal say as to the specific style they wanted to achieve. I had photographed some close-up beauty shots for Diane’s portfolio, full-length high fashion images for Sarah’s portfolio, and different lighting set-ups for my portfolio.

The test went well and everyone was impressed with the images. I really enjoy helping models to build their portfolios, especially when they showcase the work that you have produced on their facebook/model mayhem accounts. It was a great day for trying new things and making quick decisions as to what’s working and what is not.

The shoot finished at about 3:00 and we were packed and ready to leave about 3:30. I then took Sarah and Diane back to the train station and thanked them for all their hard work.

Day two:

Once again after most of my fashion tests, I spent the entire next day looking through the images and deciding which ones I wanted to use for my personal portfolio. I then put the remaining images on a disk for Sarah to send in the post.

I wanted my beauty shots to be very clean and strong, so I spent the most time editing these, making sure the skin was free from blemishes and the background was clean.

I feel these images are some of the strongest I have ever produced. I’m glad that I experimented with both b&w and colour as it completely changes the feel of an image and adds a little variety to my set.

After a long day of editing I uploaded my images to facebook, flickr and my personal website and waited for feedback.

Diane and Sarah were both really pleased with the edits and said they couldn’t wait to see the rest. All in all, a great experience!

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